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An Outline of Politics and Public Health Policy Reform

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Politics undoubtedly plays a vital role in health affairs. It states who gets what, when and how. For example, who are entitled services, who will offer services, which are the priority areas and who will be subsidized? As vested interests are often affected by the reforms, and recipients are unorganized, so certainly there are inherent political difficulties. These difficulties are connected with benefits of reforms and negotiation of the costs. Moreover, the implementation of reforms is usually connected with political crises, while it can even influence the stability of political administrations.

There is also wide agreement that political issues, as well as politics, are seldom analyzed. In fact, it is often overlooked at all the levels of policy from identification, development to the implementation process in the health area. It happens specifically in the dealings between international donor groups, recipient developing country governments along with their political circumstance.

There is plenty of documentation that politics often presents as evidence as a servant of policy priorities as well as reforms. Also, for retrospective and prospective evaluation of the politics of public health policy, there are many calls. It is to enhance the chances of policy implementation to understand completely the political surroundings in which reforms functions.

Why is health a political issue?

A political group focuses on a bond that is between its members. Public health can be accomplished through collective action. There are several reasons for it being a political issue. One of the reasons is that people expect from the government to recognize and satisfy a myriad of psychological, economic and physical needs. These needs cross the means for survival. Another one is that a healthy population is crucial to social order as well as economic growth. Threats such as AIDS are undoubtedly public health problems and can become national security issues. In this way, it is a great cause of political instability.

It is crucial that public health experts understand the issues and solutions, whether they are in government, research organizations, or healthcare group. For instance, take this health policy quiz to know more about changes in the law. Also, try out a variety of other quizzes at

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